7 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Nobody wants to deal with a broken toilet, leaky faucet, or a clogged kitchen sink. But, as a homeowner, you will inevitably encounter all three at some point. These are very common plumbing problems that cause big headaches but can be quickly fixed with the right tools. The truth is you can handle a lot of basic plumbing issues on your own with some very affordable and basic tools. This article is about the seven essential plumbing tools every homeowner should have. 


Nothing gets a clogged toilet back in action again like a plunger. In fact, it’s really the only thing that will do the trick. Having a plunger next to the toilet clears obstructed pipes in a matter of seconds, and helps you avoid gross bathroom floor cleanups from overflow. One thing to keep in mind here is the type of plunger you buy. Make sure to get a plunger with a gasket that fits inside your toilet – they’re only a few dollars more and much more effective. 

Toilet Auger 

If by any chance, your plunger isn’t getting the job done, the next line of defense is the toilet auger.  A toilet auger is the ultimate bathroom tool for a large family – especially one with teenagers. If you have a stubborn clog or don’t want to make a mess with the plunger, bring out the auger. The toilet auger is a simple tool to use that snakes its way down your pipes, cleaning them out and grabbing debris that is causing the clog.   

Caulking Gun 

A caulking gun, with a backup supply of caulk, is another handy bathroom tool to keep around. One of the things it’s most useful for is sealing the seams in your shower where the tub meets the wall. Over time the caulk will break down and crack, leaving room for water and mold growth. You can remove the old cracked caulk, give it a touch-up, and make it like new again. 

Basin Wrench 

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to do a repair under the sink and run into space issues, you know why basin wrenches exist. A basin wrench is designed to allow you to get into confined spaces and hard to reach areas where most wrenches won’t provide the leverage you need. 

Duct Tape 

There’s a good chance you already have a roll or two lying around the house or garage. Duct tape can be used for temporary plumbing repairs. It’s incredibly durable, sticky, and water-resistant, making a great tool for quick and temporary fixes. 

Pipe Wrench 

There are all types of wrenches to choose from, but a pipe wrench is specifically designed to work with pipes and rounded surfaces. They’re adjustable and can lock in place, and the teeth will gently dig into the pipe for maximum grip. This is one type of wrench every homeowner needs in their plumbing toolbox. 

Plumber’s Putty 

The best thing to use to prevent leaks around seals is the plumber’s putty. It’s especially nice to have around faucets and drains and helps stop leaks from joints that aren’t under pressure. 

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