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Fixture Installation & Repair in Jacksonville, FL

Dealing with a broken fixture? Leave it to the pros! Our fixture installation & repair services are here to save you time and money.

Hard tap water can contain sediments and minerals. This can cause a build-up in your pipes and leave visible mineral deposits on your sink, tub, and shower. It can also leave cloudy spots on your dishes, especially glassware, and leave a strange taste in your water.

As these minerals build up, they can also affect your
fixtures and faucets. In addition to offering fixture installation & repair, we also provide water softener installation to help you avoid this problem in the future. Call our team of professionals before the sound of slow dripping water becomes too much to bear—and dries up your water bill.

Tips to Avoid Future Damage

  • Make sure the faucets are tight and secure
  • Switch to a water softener
  • Change filtration systems

Signs You Need Fixture Installation & Repair

  • Your faucet and/or sink is leaking
  • You’re remodeling
  • Your faucet and/or sink is outdated
  • You can see damage or cracks

Why Choose Top of the Line Plumbing’s Fixture Installation & Repair

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