Is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?

Do you suspect that your garbage disposal is leaking? Garbage disposals usually leak from three places: the top, the pipe connections, and the bottom. To find out if your garbage disposal is leaking, check these three common places first. Use a flashlight and check for condensation, puddling, and other signs of water accumulation on or beneath your disposal. Typically a leak is the result of a minor component that’s loose or worn out.

Where is My Garbage Disposal Leak Coming From?

In most cases, a garbage disposal leak will come from four of the following places:

  • Sink Flange – located at the top of the garbage disposal. It connects the disposal to the top of the sink.
  • Dishwasher Hose Connection – located on the side of the disposal. This is where the flexible plastic dishwasher hose connects to the disposal.
  • Drain Line Connection – also located on the side of the disposal. This is where the main drain pipe connects to the disposal via curing metal or PVC plastic pipes.
  • Reset Button – located on the bottom of the disposal. The button deactivates the disposal if it jams or the motor overloads.

How Can I Tell if My Garbage Disposal is Leaking?

The first step is looking for obvious signs. If you see puddling water, dampness, dripping, or a musty smell under your kitchen sink, you have a leak. If you do discover signs of a leak, first check to make sure it’s not the sink or the sink’s p-trap. The next step is to unplug the garbage disposal and examine it. Using food coloring mixed with water is a great way to identify where the leak is coming from. 

You can locate the leak by examining the common areas as follows:

  • Sink Flange – check for dripping or water accumulation around the top and bottom of the ring of the flange. Use a flashlight and feel for moisture by hand.
  • Hose Connection – For this check, you’ll need to run your dishwasher. Watch the hose as water runs from the dishwasher drain through it into the disposal. Pay close attention to connection points. 
  • Drain Line Connection – Check the connection and pay close attention to the screws that fasten the line to the disposal and to the gap between the disposal drain line.
  • Reset Button – Shine a light on the button and check for slow, constant dripping and water accumulation directly under the unit.

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