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Signs That Your Pipes Need Work

Signs That Your Pipes Need Work

Plumbing problems are one of those problems that are best left to the professionals no matter how skilled you may think you are or how well you know the ins and outs, you do not want to dabble with plumbing. It is a costly problem that can become worse if you try to fix it on your own.

It is like when you dent your car. You do not try to fix it yourself, you go to a professional and get the dent repaired.

So, what can you do if you are not fixing your plumbing problems? Well, the best thing you can do is observe carefully and call the professionals when there is a problem like water damage, severe clogging, or you see signs that your pipes need work.


What Are the Signs That Your Pipes Need Work?

If you live in an older home, you probably have faced your fair share of plumbing problems, among many other problems that come with an aging home. The fact is that just like an aging home, plumbing systems and pipes age as well.

Just because it is a metal structure around your home does not mean it can survive for longer than other parts of your home. In fact, if you act carelessly or delay problems, it will not take long for a minor plumbing problem to become a major one.

Whether you live in a brand-new state-of-the-art home or an older home riddled with problems, you need to keep an eye out for a few things that might create costly plumbing problems for you in the future.

Here’s what to keep an eye out for.

  1. Discolored Tap Water

This is a fairly easy one and if you see discolored running water coming from your taps, it is a red flag, and you need to take action. This discoloration is most likely because rust has taken a hold of your pipes and is slowly eating them away into dust.

Rust in your pipes can bring a whole host of problems most of which have nothing to do with plumbing. Water hardened by rust particles can make the water taste bad, irritate sensitive skin and make it difficult for you to wash soap or detergent off your skin, clothes and dishes.

Call a plumber immediately if you see any discoloration in your tap water. Sometimes this discoloration can be very obvious, while other times it is subtle. You need to keep an eye out for both, because even if it is light discoloration, it can be the cause of a serious plumbing issue.

  1. Visible Corrosion

Corrosion is no friend of pipes and if you can visibly see that your pipe tubing is dimpling, cracking at the surface or flaking, it means that there is some significant corrosion behind it. Moreover, water that has high acidic content can be the cause of your corroded piping.

The acid in the water reacts with the tubing causing it to corrode overtime. Sometimes, corrosion occurs if copper pipes have not been used in a while. This is because the flux paste used to solder copper pipes together at the joints during the ‘sweating‘ process can react with the water and cause corrosion.

Corroded pipes require professional replacement, and you need to call a plumber for it.

  1. Visible & Invisible Leaks

Visible leaks are a good indicator that something is wrong with the pipes.

While surface leaks may be caused by loose taps or end fixtures, visible leaks in piping or around your house are a serious cause for concern. Such leaks are telling that there is something wrong with your piping and they need to be replaced.

In older homes, visible leaks are an easy sign that your pipes need work because they have worn out with age. The other problem is that there are also invisible leaks that do not always show themselves until it is too late. A sure sign that your home may have invisible leaking is mold buildup.

This buildup can be anywhere in your home but it is typically found on bathrooms walls. Mold requires a moist and damp environment to grow and leaking pipes behind walls or under floors create the perfect conditions for mold to grow and thrive in.

Visible mold in the bathroom or shower is not a big cause for concern unless it continues to build up in the same place, like on a certain wall, even after cleaning. However, if you see a buildup of it elsewhere around your home, it is a sign of an invisible leak.

Another excellent way to spot invisible leaks is to clean your home spotless and then try to smell for mold because the smell of mold is pungent and instantly recognizable. If you can smell mold after a thorough cleanup, chances are there is an invisible leak in your home.

  1. Stained Walls or Ceilings

Stained walls and ceilings are a sure sign that there is some sort of leakage or damage in the pipes. If you see stains on your bathroom walls or ceilings, or in a room that is directly underneath an upstairs bathroom, these are signs that your pipes need work.

Sometimes, the stains are not always higher up on ceilings or in rooms underneath a bathroom, you need to thoroughly check every room top to bottom for stains or discoloration. Check underneath sinks or look at the corners for any discoloration that may indicate staining and leakage.

Especially check your bathrooms, sometimes the problem can be further down a pipeline and your walls may be discolored at the base. Prolonged staining will turn to deformation of the wall caused by bubbling due to moisture.

Call a plumber to inspect and fix the pipe leakage issue, if the wall needs tearing, you will also need a contractor to fix the wall after the plumber is done fixing the problem.


Plumbing is complicated and costly, which is why you need to keep an eye out for these signs that your pipes need work. Left unchecked, or handled by yourself, these signs can turn into all sorts of major problems in the future.

So, do not be a hero and look out for signs instead. If you see these signs, call a professional who is well experienced and knows exactly what to do about them.

If you experience any of the mentioned signs and your pipes need work, or you have any kind of plumbing issue, get the best on the job and contact Top of the Line Plumbing by calling on 904.647.1221 today.