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Signs You May Need a Gas Line Repair

Do you ever smell something that resembles the smell of rotting eggs inside your home? If you’ve never smelt a gas leak, you might think something is rotting somewhere in your home. If you ever detect even the slightest gas smell in your home, you should get in touch with a plumbing company that’s qualified and certified to handles gas line repairs. Even the smallest gas leak can lead to dizziness, nausea, fatigue, or worse. Here are some signs you may need a gas line repair. 


Do you have an old gas line in your home? Many Americans have gas lines that are more than 50 years old. Over time, gas lines can start to crack simply because of old age. When they start cracking, they’ll send out tiny spurts of gas into the air and put both homes and occupants at risk. Take a look at your gas line from time to time and see what kind of condition it’s in. If you see cracks or if it’s so old that it looks like it’s about to crack, this is a major warning sign that your gas line needs repair. 

Hissing Sounds 

A little bit of gas can escape from your gas line if it has a crack or hole in it. The problem is that these cracks and holes can sometimes be tough to spot even if you’re looking directly at them. However, you’ll often be able to hear the gas escaping from the hole or crack. The sound will resemble a slight hissing sound. If you ever hear a hissing sound, shut the gas to your home off as quickly as you can, and call a qualified gas line repair plumber. 

Rusting or Corroding 

Moisture shouldn’t be able to make its way on to the gas line in your home. But if it does come into contact with your gas line, a metal gas line can rust and corrode over time. At first, the rust and corrosion won’t be a big deal. But gradually, rust and corrosion can take over a gas line and cause a lot of damage. If your gas line has significant rust build-up, it’s likely a good candidate for repair or replacement. 

Slow Appliances 

Many homes have a number of appliances that rely on gas to operate. Everything from your stove to your hot water heater to your furnace relies on gas. A leaky gas line can prevent your appliances from getting access to the amount of gas needed to run efficiently. This can slow your appliances down and spike your utility bill at the same time. If you notice your gas-powered appliances are not operating as they used to and your gas bill is spiking, you should get your gas lines checked for a possible leak. 

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