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The Benefits of Smart Water Heaters

Everyone loves taking a hot shower or bath. We all take it for granted until we turn the knob and the hot water doesn’t come. Your hot water heater keeps you comfortable in the shower, helps wash your dishes and keeps your linens fresh. Most water heaters account for almost 20% of a home’s energy consumption. Thanks to today’s continually evolving technology, smart water heaters have emerged that make your home hot water experience better and more affordable than ever before. 

What is a Smart Water Heater? 

A smart water heater has technology installed that monitors the tank’s water temperature. Like other smart appliances, the monitoring provides for more advantages than standard water heaters. Smart water heaters can be linked to your mobile device and managed through Wi-Fi or 5G. You can monitor your hot water and monitor your energy consumption all through your smartphone. 

How Do Smart Water Heaters Work? 

Smart water heaters use temperature measurement and pairs it with consumption data and preset options. The result is hot water on demand, but only when you need it. When you don’t need hot water, there’s no need for your heater to keep running and wasting energy. Setting a schedule allows your heater to have hot water when you ready and not waste energy heating it all day long. 

Smart Assistance 

If you’ve ever had a water heater problem, you’ll remember how quickly you wanted to solve the problem. A smart water heater can help detect water leaks as soon as they happen and send you an alert. Built-in leak detection sends alerts directly to your smartphone. It’s always better to discover the problem mid-morning instead right before you take your evening shower. 

Smart Water Heater Benefits 

Along with managing your water temperature, smart water heaters have a lot of other great benefits. They’re safer, save energy, and money. The built-in assistance from your smart heater provides a layer of protection that commercial heaters can’t. Preventing a flooded basement can save you hundreds of not thousands of dollars. Even though smart water heaters cost more upfront, they save you a lot more throughout their lifespan. When you go on an extended vacation having the ability to turn off or lower your water heater can result in significant savings. 

Need Help Installing a Smart Water Heater? 

If you’re thinking about buying and/or installing a new smart water heater, we can help. We can help you find the right model for your needs and professionally install it. Top of the Line Plumbing provides plumbing services to Duval County, St. Johns County, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and the surrounding areas. There isn’t a plumbing job too big or too small for our team to handle. From repairs and repiping to hydro jetting and water filtration, Top of the Line has the experts to get the job done.

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