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Must-Have Qualities of a Good Plumber

Plumbing is a complex profession and requires a lot from the practitioner.

Even the smallest plumbing jobs are costly, and you only want a good plumber to handle all your plumbing needs. Hence, we have come up with a few must-have qualities of a good plumber that you should keep an eye out for.

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Must-Have Qualities of a Good Plumber

Here are a few must-have qualities of a good plumber that make them fit for any plumbing job.

  • State Certification

All professional plumbers must have a state license; however, license requirements may vary from state to state. Plumbing is a highly technical profession that requires expert understanding and knowledge of sewage and pipe systems.

While most plumbers may have substantial experience, a state license generally means that they have passed state-approved exams and have the proper credentials to practice plumbing. Most plumbers learn their profession through apprenticeship programs under other professionals.

Others have community college experience or have gone through an accredited trade or vocational school to become professionals.

These accreditations ensure that they have gone through tests and met the requirements needed to handle plumbing jobs with the right skills and ample knowledge about plumbing problems. It is always best to ask for a plumbing license when looking for a good plumber.

  • Ample Experience

Experience is arguably one of the most important credentials or must-have qualities of a good plumber. Professional plumbers go through lengthy apprenticeships before becoming professionals, which means they already have a certain amount of experience in the bag.

However, a good plumber has at least ten years of professional plumbing experience under their belts. This experience ensures that they have seen and solved enough plumbing problems in their career to overcome anything you may throw at them.

It never hurts to ask up front how much professional experience a plumber has. It will help you better understand their level of expertise.

  • Mechanically Inclination

While having the analytical skills to understand and solve plumbing problems is important, plumbers also need a strong mechanical inclination to understand the mechanics of complex plumbing systems. 

Having good mechanical knowledge helps them understand the basics, like what makes valves work, which tubing is needed where, and how the technical aspects of a complex plumbing system work.

  • Prioritize Safety

Plumbers face plenty of hazards (please link future blog titled ‘The Safety Hazards Plumbers Face’ here), and a good plumber will always prioritize safety before anything else. You never want an accident on your property, no matter the plumbing problems; this is why taking the proper safety precautions is so important and the sign of a good plumber.

  • Being Punctual

Tardiness is never good for any job, and a good plumber will always be punctual with their work. Punctuality is often associated with the right work attitude and even has an impact on customer service. If your plumber is not punctual, they lack the right attitude needed for a good result and customer experience.

  • Coordination Skills

As mentioned, plumbers often work in uncomfortable and tight spaces. Moreover, they may require the use of multiple tools and equipment for a single plumbing job. They should have the right coordination skills to tackle the many hurdles of plumbing problems.

Their coordination skills also greatly impact the amount of time they take to complete plumbing jobs. A good plumber will often complete a job faster and save you time because they have great coordination skills.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are very important for a plumber, especially when they work in emergencies. They often need to assess the problem, analyze their options and quickly determine the right course of action in high-pressure situations.

A good plumber will possess problem-solving skills that they can rely on in tough situations, while a plumber lacking problem-solving skills may end up creating further problems.

  • Communication Skills

A plumber can be good at their job, but if they cannot correctly communicate problems or recommend solutions to clients, it can lead to bad experiences or, worse, bad decisions; this is why the plumber you hire should have good communications skills.

They can explain your plumbing problems to you with ease and recommend the right solutions to make an informed decision.

  • Dedication to the Job

A good plumber will always try their best to solve problems and overcome challenges. They are dedicated to the job, and the customer and their dedication will exhibit all the mentioned must-have qualities of a good plumber.

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The mentioned must-have qualities of a good plumber may not always be easy to determine immediately. However, if a plumber possesses most of these qualities, they likely possess the remaining ones as well.

Their work will speak for itself, and your customer experience will help you determine if they are a good plumber or not. Luckily, Jacksonville residents only have to pick up the phone and call Top of the Line Plumbing at 904.647.1221.

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