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Sewer Issues to Watch For

Sewer issues can come in a variety of forms, including clogs, crushed lines, leaks, holes, and tree roots. If you’re noticing problems with your home’s plumbing system like one drain emptying and another one backing up or things draining a lot slower than normal, it may be time to have your sewer line inspected. It’s possible you need your sewer line cleared, patched, or replaced. 

Signs Your Sewer Lines Need Repair 

A number of different things can cause your sewage line to break or become clogged. Poor quality or old pipe materials, bad layout, tree root encroachment, and more. A few signs that you may need sewer line repairs include: 

  • Lack of water to toilets 
  • Foul smells around your property 
  • Stale water pooling in your yard 
  • Slow drainage in multiple sinks and tubs 

Toilet is Making Gurgling Noises 

Every toilet makes noise when you flush it, but shouldn’t be noisy when you’re not using it. If you hear the water running or notice sounds like bubbles coming up into the bowl, you likely have a damaged sewer line. The bubbling is often a precursor to a sewage backup. The noise is a result of water encountering a clog in the sewer line. 

Bad Smells Around Your Home 

Sewage has a pretty distinct smell. When it’s coming up through your house, it’s not always easy to pinpoint. Sometimes it can smell musty or like mildew. Other times it’s unmistakable. Pay attention to the smells around your house, especially around drains. When your sewer line is in good shape, the smells stay inside the line. If your line is damaged, you may start to smell the problem. 

Super Green Lawn 

Sewage does wonders for the plant life around your home. It can make a patchy lawn look incredibly lush. And while it may look great, it probably means you have a major problem lurking beneath the soil. Take a look around your lawn. Are there patches where the grass is a lot greener than anywhere else? Do you see more plants in parts of your yard without added fertilizer? You may have a sewage leak that will eventually back up into your home. A professional plumber can evaluate the situation and determine if your green yard spots are related to a sewage leak. 

Need Help with a Sewer issueReplacing or repairing a sewer line? 

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