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What is a Drainpipe Camera Inspection?

We don’t realize how comfortable the hidden pipes in our walls make life until something goes wrong. Your home’s pipes are the heart of your home in many ways. The best way to keep your home functioning and comfortable is to keep your pipes healthy. Repairing a small crack or leak before it bursts can save thousands of dollars in damages. So how can you ensure your hidden pipes are healthy? A drainpipe camera inspection. 

How Do Drainpipe Cameras Work? 

In the past, when a plumber needed to inspect your drain or sewer line, the only option was to dig up the yard, or at least the area of the suspected leak. Then came modern technology to the rescue. Today’s plumbers use video technology to see and record what’s going on under the surface. 

To inspect your pipes, plumbers use a sewer video camera that’s connected to a flexible cable. They’ll insert the cable into the main sewer line cleanout. Using a monitor, they can see what’s going on inside your plumbing lines. 

Find the Hidden Leaks 

While some leaks are obvious, others hidden behind walls or under your home are a massive challenge to pinpoint. A sewer inspection camera helps your plumber find the exact location of a leak in little time. The faster the plumber can find the leak, the less damage occurs. 

Preventative Inspection 

If you suspect your pipes are on their last legs, a preventative inspection is a good idea. A pipe inspection using a camera gives your plumber a real-time look at the condition of your plumbing pipes. The camera will show if you have corrosion and reveal any weak points in the system. Sometimes you can see if a collapsed pipe is in the near future. If you already know you have a cracked or collapsed pipe, the camera will pinpoint the location for an efficient repair. 

Insurance Evidence 

After the camera inspection has been completed, your plumber can give you a DVD copy of the video. You won’t invite friends over to watch it, but it can be quite valuable to help with your insurance claim. The recording will give you visual evidence of the condition of your pipes and prove your claim. Keep in mind that unless you have sewer line repair coverage, your insurance company may reject your claim. 

Buy with Confidence 

Most home inspectors don’t do sewer line inspections, but you can hire a qualified plumber to do one when yourself before signing for a new home. When you compare the cost of a sewer line camera inspection to a sewer line repair, the decision is easy. You can also hire a plumber to inspect the home’s entire plumbing system. If they find problems, you can negotiate with the seller. 

Need a Plumbing Inspection? 

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