Under the sink garbage disposal unit.

What Can You Put in Your Garbage Disposal?

While everyone loves the convenience of their garbage disposal, many make the mistake of treating it like a trash can. It can be super helpful to dispose of certain types of foods, but it certainly can’t dispose of everything that comes off a plate. If you want your garbage disposal

Man repairing dishwasher. Read to learn WHY WON’T MY DISHWASHER DRAIN?

Why Won’t My Dishwasher Drain?

Are you asking yourself “Why won’t my dishwasher drain?” When your dishwasher stops draining, you quickly realize how much time a functioning dishwasher saves you. Hand washing dishes every night is a massive time killer. Then add on hand drying, and the “dinner hour” just doubled. The good news if

What Causes Plumbing Leaks?

Plumbing leaks happen, and more often than you’d like. This much we know. But, you don’t always understand why you have a plumbing leak. If the pipe hasn’t been damaged, then why is it leaking all of a sudden? Is the leak a sign of a major repair or a

toilet bowl how to UNCLOG YOUR TOILET

How to Unclog Your Toilet

It happens to everyone. You flush the toilet, but instead of the water going down, it just swirls in place and sometimes starts rising. If it starts rising, you’re about to have a bad situation on your floor if you don’t act quickly. To avoid a messy cleanup know the

Why Does My Shower Drain Smell Bad?

Do you feel like holding your nose every time you take a shower? Bad smelling shower drains are common. If your shower drain starts smelling funky, there could be several reasons for it. Mold or mildew might be growing beneath your drain cover. You could have a malfunctioning p-trap that’s


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Tired of waiting for hot water in you home?

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